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Directory Submission Services

It is a great way to build links and increase the search engine rankings. A web directory keeps record of the submitted web links and thereafter categorizes it based on the content. This categorization depends on the whole website and not just few pages. Advantage with directory submission is that it provides permanent and relevant back links.

The paid directories are better, because the links last longer. Most of the free directories have the tendency to disappear or delete the links after some time. However, there are a few time tested free directories out there that can be used.

It is a good idea to submit to a combination of both niche and general directories.

There are various niche directories; the best way to find them is using a search engine. It is advisable to a search on Google, MSN or Yahoo and those that come up in the first few pages of results are generally the best ones to use. With general directories it's better to use those that are more established. The older a directory, the better is.

Owing to their large size, the directories need a certain amount of Page Rank so that all their pages are indexed properly. However a high Page Rank isn't everything. There are directories having no Page Rank but offering valuable information.

If a directory has high ranking well in the search engines then it has enough Page Rank.

It's best to get the main target search phrases in the links to the site. However many of the best directories won't allow this. Sometimes one can tackle this problem by adding a search phrase at the end of the company name.

It's always best to get the main search phrases that you are targeting in the links to your site. However this isn't always possible and unfortunately many of the best directories won't let you do this. Sometimes you can get around this problem by slipping in a search phrase at the end of your company name.

Many directories provide the webmasters with their own page about their business. If the same description keeps coming on every page across different directory websites then they will be seem duplicate content to the search engines.

To avoid the situation, a unique and substantial description is written for every single directory. It should be made sure that the descriptions are relevant to the products and services.