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Article Submission Services

Article submission is one of the most popular link building methods of the SEO industry. Everyday thousands of articles are being submitted to these article directories by webmasters and SEO professionals to boost the back links of the website under question.

Users submit their articles to the article directories along with live links in the author resource box. Here article directories get free content for their website and webmasters get free back links. When getting one way back links became difficult, article submissions are of great help. It is vital that one gets good quality back links for their website.

To get links from article submissions, first one needs to compile a list of article directories and start signing up for a free account for each of them. After signing up for a free account, one can submit articles. The articles that are submitted will have a title, main body, summary and author resource text. In the author resource text the website's link can be added. From the author resource box you back links will come. Each article submission site has its own guidelines. It must be made sure the submissions comply with the directory submission guidelines. Only then, article directories will approve articles. Without this approval, the articles will not be accessible by the other users or by the search engines. So the guidelines need to be followed closely to ensure back links for the website.

There are other benefits to article submissions as well. A considerable amount of traffic can be generated to a website through article submissions. These articles also feature in the search engine results independently. This again is another source of traffic to a website.