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Web Portal Development Services

A web portal is an online access point for individual & business users. The information contained in a web content portal is subdivided into topics such as travel, news, business, sports, finance etc. It initially served the purpose of providing access to email, public forums, search engines; online shopping etc. However in the current scenario web portals provide a lot of other functions.

With technological advancement, the use of web portal expanded to ensure the inclusion of applications, interfaces for corporate databases and many other business functions. Online portal technology provides clients with, faster, easier and user friendly access to products and services. There has been much improvement in terms of communication and response times. Business web portals are vital to all kinds of organizations. The presence of this type of online portal into any system can improve the productivity of an organization significantly.

A business portal facilitates a number of functions in a website, such as search and navigation functions ,task management and workflow applications, , internal and external communication systems, content and data management systems, supply chain management systems, sales support systems, notification systems, online forums, discussion boards etc. A web portal will bring in organization within a group of employees and customers and help them be organized, and connected. The management system of business in the present scenario is significantly facilitated by this technology.

Business portal software can provide users with information that is customized according to the user's role. It is possible to customize the user's interface to highlight commonly used shortcuts, personalized data, and a customized design. It can also suggest additional information for the user, and allow the user to search for related information. A web portal site for a business environment can facilitate and channelize many processes for an organization.