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A logo is a graphical representation of the services offered by a company, organization, individual etc. It is used to facilitate quick marketing of the services of the company. There are different types of logo. Some are composed of the name of the company; some logos are made up of abstract designs, while some are made up of simple or complex graphical elements.

Logo designing is one of the most vital parts of graphic designing and no doubt one of the most difficult parts. The logo is an image of an organization. They are meant to represent the identity and brand of the company. They induce customer recognition catalytically so logos should not be changed frequently.

A logo is the identifying factor that makes people remember about the statement of the company. It increases the online presence of a website and its owner.

Let's imagine that you want to dine somewhere but cannot think where to go. Suddenly you see a banner of a restaurant and go to eat there. You have a great experience there.

You occasionally get to see the logo of the restaurant and remember about the experience. Chances are that you will go back to the place again.

Similarly in your business, the logo helps people take a mental note about the excellence of the service that is offered, for future use. Often the name of the company is forgotten, but the logo helps in recognizing the company again.

People underestimate the value of logo in business, specially in online business. There are a lot of companies with the same name operating with similar products and services. So for any website owner a distinguished logo is required to stand out of the crowd and highlight the services.

Proper logo designing is very important for the survival of a company in this highly competitive environment of marketing.

It helps to create brands. The owners of companies therefore look forward to create a brand image of their company that will be manifested in the logo.