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Internet forum is like an online board where discussion, conversations are posted in the form of messages. Forum posting helps in increasing knowledge of a lot of people across the globe who get chance to share their problems, experiences and knowledge though a platform. It's exactly like a group discussion where people share their views and assist each other to solve their problems.

Internet forum helps to get traffic and back-links. Traffic can be obtained a signature is added to a profile, since this signature will be visible. Anchor text can be used in the signature. A link to the site or any referral link with an anchor text can be added to the signature so that people click on it. The signature appears under every post in a forum. This helps in getting inbound traffic.

They are the best source for gaining and sharing information. So they must be designed carefully keeping in mind specific needs and target visitors of the forum. The design should portray the vision, mission, and essence of the forum. The corporate forums do not use distracting colors and images that keep the visitors from concentrating on the subject discussion. Also the links on the forum should be working. If it is found that there are broken links on a page, it leads to extreme disappointment and the visitor is not likely to come back to the forum anymore. So the designing is a vital factor.