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In the present scenario we can easily say that the Internet is probably the best mode of global communication. It is the home of the bloggers, who are looking forward to express their opinions, companies who want to make their market wider or organizations that are willing to put more effort to reach their customers. One of the most important factors for having a successful blog/website is to have a good design. It is the aesthetic value of the website that grabs the attention of the visitors. Some of the key factors that is vital to ensure a lot of readers for a blog.

Personality - Website owners often try to infuse their own personality in their websites. Apart from the content the design should also speak about the websites main objective.

Professionalism - The corporate organizations, newspaper agencies etc use designs that portray the companies' mission, ideals and agenda. They do not use bright or any distracting colors that will divert the viewers' attention from the main content of the website- the aim, and vision of the company.

Accessibility - After a desired traffic has been attained; everybody wants to retain the traffic. A blog can be good looking but if the reader is unable to navigate through the page, if the links on the page are broken, the search field does not work and then they will surely be disappointed.

Setting up a blog is no easy work. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and improvisation as new blogs are being launched every day and you need to be at the top of the list to be successful. To make a successful blog site the knowledge of the nature and style of the site is absolutely necessary.

The images, colors, elements need to be considered very carefully. There are free available blog templates that are available for the use of the website owners. There are numerous websites that offer different blog templates that can be used effectively to keep the blog site trendy and attractive. Apart from the good looks the blog templates are quite cheap. The owner can choose the design that best suits his website. These templates are very easy to use. The user can download the selected template and apply the template to give the desired look to the blog site. In this way a blog site can be easily designed without putting too much effort.