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Banner Design Services

A banner is a piece of cloth highlighting different slogans, logo, message concerning an individual, campaign, organization, company etc. It is used for marketing purpose to reach out to the potential audiences. It is useful both in web media and as a conventional banner in vinyl or flex.

In the current scenario, internet is becoming the most sought mode of communication as it is able to cater the needs of various people regardless of their location. Companies are attempting to use the power of internet to promote their business to the next level. They are constantly trying to devise new techniques to help them gain popularity over the internet. Using banners is one of them. These banners are generally posted on websites that are generally visited by a lot of users. Since banners are used as a passage between the company and the users, this strategy has been a success in getting inbound traffic.

Banners are of two types, flash banners and static banners. The flash banners are very interactive and are popular among users. A web banner is displayed when the website containing the banner is loaded in a web browser. When the viewer clicks on the banner the user is redirected to the website advertised by the banner. The web banners have an immense effect on the mind of the users/visitors. Proper care should be taken of the contents and all the other aspects about the banner so that the viewer is not negatively affected, such as size of photo, color, flash, banner blindness (avoidance of information on banners) etc. In case of similar banner designs in a website, the viewer gets frustrated and loses interested in going through the website. The occurrence of frequent pop ups makes the viewer aggressive and ultimately he leaves the page. The function of a web banner is the same as a traditional banner, to notify the customer about a product or service and to provide reasons why should the viewer opt for the services. The web users find these banners extremely irritating as they distract the users from the actual content. So banners should be designed with care and the content provided should be relevant as well.